Victory of Light


Looking at the collection of Klavdij Tutta’s works selected for donation, we discover a reflective artist, sparkling with ideas. With these works he largely contributes to the artistic inventory of sacral ambiences which have generally remained frozen in the baroque era, and only rarely opened their doors for artists to co-create the architecture of churches, with the exception of those newly-built. Already in the pre-war and post-war Slovenia there were artists who consecrated their work to sacral art at a high level, namely brothers Kralj, Zoran Mušič, Stane Kregar, and Stane Jarm, a sculptor of powerful, expressive incisions into hard wood. Nowadays it is Mira Ličen Krmpotič with works in vivid colours, Matej Metlikovič, Lucijan Bratuš and Br. Marko Rupnik with mosaics, who play a very important role in this domain in Slovenia, while Valentin Oman and Karl Volk distinguish themselves in our neighbouring regions.

The Mediterranean traveler Klavdij Tutta is continuously searching for invisible messages behind visual contents. He dives into the joyfully vivid surface to find its inner, spiritual meanings. This time he widely explores and uncovers these meanings by taking various paths towards the cross. He creates a firm bond between Christ and man, but most of all, with each work of art, he presents a perception which is different from established practices. He speaks of light which illuminates layers of colour and prevails over darkness. By means of a cross he joyfully sings Alleluia, thus dominating over the pathetic force of the image.


Anamarija Stibilj Šajn