About the monastery

Kostanjevica includes at least three cultural and spiritual experiences. It is a place of ecclesiastical art and a center of spirituality (church and monastery); it is a historical center (the Tombs of the Bourbons) and cultural center (the monastery library). The Franciscan Fathers have maintained these treasures for almost 200 years.

The independent vicaritat, established on Kostanjevica in 1947, was elevated to the status of parish of Nova Gorica - Kapela in 1953. Between 1950 and 1964, Kostanjevica was the headquarters of the Apostolic Administrator for the Slovenian part of the Archdiocese of Gorica.

In 1985, the entire complex of Kostanjevica (the monastery and its library, the church and the Bourbon tombs) was declared a cultural and historical landmark. As such, they preserve a part of the Slovenian national cultural heritage.

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